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MLBTB - Soccer Club

Volunteer Coaches

  1. All Coaches must complete the F License Training course offered by NJ Youth Soccer.
  2. All Coaches must complete a course on Sport Concussions.  At the end of the course, you will be able to print a certificate with your name on it to prove you took the class. Go to  If you completed this course last season, you can submit to us the same certificate.  If you did not keep a copy of the certificate, you must retake the course and submit a copy of the new certificate.
  3. All Coaches must give MLBTB permission to conduct a Background Check.
  4. All Coaches must complete a Volunteer Disclosure Statement for NJ Youth Soccer.
  5. All Coached must submit a Coach Membership Form.
  6. All Coaches must be Approved by the Travel Committee.

Even if you complete all of requirements 1-5, you are not allowed to coach on a MLBTB team unless the Travel Committee has approved you.

You are NOT allowed to be on the field with the players (practices or games) till all of the above is done and approved by NJ Youth Soccer and the MLBTB Travel Committee.

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