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MLBTB - Soccer Club

Refund Policy

Travel Try-Out Fee:

  •  Players who try out for a travel team are required to pay a $25 tryout fee.  This is non-refundable.

Travel Program:
  • Fees are not refundable and not transferable. 
  • Fees for participation in the club cover the entire season of play.  A player who accepts an invitation to play with the Club commits to pay the entire fee for the season. 
  • No refunds, partial or full, will be made to players who choose to not participate at any point after registration for any reason.
  • Refund requests may be considered in the event of injury.*

Recreation Program:
  • Your registration is a commitment to participate. Refund requests must be received, in writing, BEFORE the start of the first practice.  After the first scheduled practice, there are no refunds.
  • A $15 fee per registration will be assessed for ALL refunds requested to cover administrative costs.   
  • Cancellations within 6 weeks start of the season will have an additional $25 fee to cover uniform costs.
  • To request a refund, send an email to [email protected] and please include the player’s name along with the reason for refund request. 
  • Whenever possible, refunds will be issued in the same form that the payment was received.  If a refund is issued in any other form (credit to account, check etc.) we will notify you accordingly.

Winter Refund Policy: There will be NO REFUNDS should the winter program be cancelled.  The venue that MLBTB Soccer Club has partnered with may provide participants with a credit for future use of their facilities on a specified day/time.


  • Any exceptions to the refund policy, outside of what has been identified, rests solely with the MLBTB Soccer Club Board.
  • Registrants in the Travel program are not eligible for refunds, except in the case of a season-ending injury.  If a player has a season-ending injury, he/she may receive a pro-rated refund.
  • If a player moves out of town and notifies the registrar before the season starts, he/she may receive a refund of the registration, less a $15 administration fee.  Once the season starts, there are no refunds.
  • The Recreation schedules are subject to minor changes depending on registration numbers.  If session times and/or dates change and registrants have a conflict, he/she may withdraw without paying a cancellation fee. 
  • If there is an age group that is unable to form teams due to low registration numbers, registrants may receive a full refund without paying a cancellation fee.


Please note that MLBTB SC is not associated with April USA.  If you purchased registration insurance and have any issues you need to contact April USA directly to discuss: 1-866-232-0732 or [email protected].