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Parent Team Manager Requirements

Across our state, there are more than 100,000 youth soccer players who come in regular contact with adults, both volunteer and paid, who are helping them navigate their soccer experience.  NJ Youth Soccer takes risk management and player safety as a top priority.  We are committed to annual background checks, concussion management procedures and abuse awareness training and education -- for coaches, administrators/club personnel and volunteers.

Training/Certification Requirements for Team Manager:
   *    First time parent volunteers will need to complete a background check, On-Line Abuse Training Course (90 mins) and Concussion Training.  
   *    Returning parent volunteers will only need to complete a background check and On-Line Abuse Training refresher course (approx. 30 mins) as the concussion training certificate is a one-time event.  
   *    Please note that prior to being added to the roster as a team manager, volunteers will need to successfully complete the requirements listed above.

Concussion Training: Heads Up to Youth Sports On-Line Training (please make sure to download the completion certificate and upload the document in your volunteer profile in your MLBTB SC account)

Background Check information is completed through your MLBTB SC account once you have completed registration.

On-Line Abuse Training Course information will be provided once your registration is complete.


The youth sports community nationwide -- not just soccer -- is now entering a new phase of managing the risks involved with adults having access to youth.  This message focuses on important updates about processes associated with new national requirements.
Congress and the Safe Sport Act: New USOC requirements are coming
Following the recent high-profile abuse cases involving gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, the United States Congress passed the “Safe Sport Act” which expands reporting laws and requires training for youth sports organizations.  The measure also established the U.S. Center for Safe Sport.


The United States Olympic Committee (USOC), as a result of the Act, recently began developing risk-management protocols and background check standards our organization will have to comply with.  In fact, all sports whose national governing bodies (such as U.S. Soccer) are under the jurisdiction of the USOC will be impacted.

US Youth Soccer, revised its Risk Management Policy (click here) requiring background checks.  This reinforces the current NJ Youth Soccer policy and adults applying for an NJYS Coach Pass (e.g. coaches, trainers, managers) are required to have appropriate background screening before being approved to receive a pass.  This service continues to be readily available via the US Soccer Connect platform and our existing coach registration process.  Due to state laws pertaining to privacy and confidentiality, NJ Youth Soccer cannot, and thus will not, conduct background screening and checks on people under 18 years of age. 

Abuse Prevention Education and Training

Commencing with the 2019-2020 playing season, adults applying for an NJYS Coach Pass (e.g. coaches, trainers, managers) are required to take an initial Abuse Prevention Training course.  The course is offered online at no cost through the U.S. Center for SafeSport and integration with US Soccer Connect (a.k.a Stack Sports), and includes an annual refresher training.  This requirement reflects and supports a mandate from U.S. Soccer. 


Abuse comes in many different forms: physical, neglect, emotional/psychological and sexual. Abuse manifests itself through acts of misconduct, including bullying, hazing, harassment (including but not limited to sexual harassment), emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, and sexual misconduct. Education and training of adults can help address and possibly thwart one of the most preventable injuries in youth sports: child abuse. By becoming more aware and learning how to be more engaged, we can all have an impact on abuse rates and improve the youth soccer experience.

NJ Youth Soccer Safe Soccer Platform

NJ Youth Soccer will continue to enhance its website to provide all members quick and easy access to useful information, policies and procedures, training, videos and other resources encompassing all aspects of player and participant safety. This will include: 


  • Abuse Prevention
  • Head Injury – Concussion and Heading Policies
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Weather Policies
  • Goal Safety

MLBTB SC fully supports the direction of NJ Youth Soccer as well as the safety of all of our players.

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