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Open Positions

Below are brief descriptions of open positions within MLBTB SC.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested and/or would like more information.


--Responsible for enforcement/upholding the Bylaws 
--Preside at all meetings of the Board
--Supervise all activities of MLBTB SC and the work of the Board
--Be the general representative of MLBTB SC in all matters
--Formulate monthly meeting agenda
--Supervise over insurance matters
--Be the point of contact to the Township, County and State organizations

Discipline Chair:
--Handles any and all issues that arise between coaches, players and/or parents at practices and/or games
--Partner with MLBTB SC Board members and/or MCYSA to determine suspension, fines and other disciplinary actions as warranted

Recreation Coordinator:
-- Set up program in Sports Connect for registration
-- Work with uniform vendor to order recreation gear
-- Work with the field scheduler to organize Saturday sessions
-- Form training groups once registration closes
-- Address/answer recreation related inquires
-- Organize uniform pick ups
-- Liaison between trainers and Club for Saturday session
-- Send out Recreation Communications as needed

Web Administration:
-- Update web site with program information
-- Maintain Facebook account and post program information as necessary
-- Monitor the Club email box and respond to inquires as needed

Field Scheduler:
-- Arrange layout of fields for practices and games
-- Coordinate time and field location for travel and recreation practices
-- Schedule MCYSA league games

---Work with the Board and President to coordinate fundraising activities.
-- Spearhead large fundraising activities such as the Red Bull ticket sales


Field Status

Open Open

RVA (10:32 AM | 05/06/21)

Open Open

Field #1 - 9 v 9 (10:32 AM | 05/06/21)

Open Open

Field #3 - 7 v 7 (10:32 AM | 05/06/21)

Open Open

Field #4- 7 v 7 (10:32 AM | 05/06/21)

Open Open

Field #5 - 4 v 4 (10:32 AM | 05/06/21)

Open Open

Field #6 - 4 v 4 (10:32 AM | 05/06/21)

Open Open

Field #9 - 11 v 11 (10:32 AM | 05/06/21)