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Team Formation / Tryouts

Team Formation:
Tryouts are a critical aspect of team formation and therefore mandatory for all interested players. Tryouts are conducted by an independent professional soccer training company. Potential players are judged on soccer skills, athletic ability, attitude and ability to listen and follow directions. In addition to tryout results, team formation will rely on input from prior season's professional trainer and coach. Players new to travel soccer will be evaluated solely by tryout results.

The Try-outs will be held in April/May. (Date and times will be posted on our website). All evaluations will be conducted by an outside professional soccer training organization. The tryouts will consist of scrimmages according to age groups and gender. The focus will be on skill evaluation in game/scrimmage settings based on your child’s soccer skills, athletic ability, attitude, and ability to listen and follow directions.

Notification of selection will be made at the conclusion of the Spring Season, near the end of June. Once notified, it is expected that your child will join the team. This acceptance will indicate participants’ and parents’ willingness to fulfill the commitments required.

Parents should understand that a large number of children may tryout for a limited number of roster spots. This may result in some children not being selected for a team. The roster size is set by the state so we do not have the option to exceed a certain number of players per team. Also, the traveling soccer program may not be appropriate for every child. Please be mindful of these facts before the try-out process. Remember, the MLBTBSC recreation program is a wonderful alternative that will continue to build your child’s skills.

Out of Town Players – While our preference is to have our travel teams be 100% Mountain Lakes, Boonton and Boonton Twp players, the reality is that we might not be able to field teams in certain age groups. As a contingency our by laws allow for up to 4 out of town players on travel teams.

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