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Fall 2021 Travel Season

Tyouts for the Fall 2021 Travel program are currently open for 2015 Birth Year and older. Please sign into your account at to register your child.
All players, current and new, must register for tryouts.  It is recommended that players attend both tryout dates.  If your player will be trying out up (the next age group) then they should attend the tryout for the older group on the second date of tryouts.  Deadline for registration is Monday, April 26.  

Uniform:  New players to the program will be required to purchase a new uniform kit from our vendor, hummel.  The cost for the kit, which includes a home jersey an away jersey, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of socks will be approximately $100.

Cost for Travel Program
 (once position is accepted) : Fees for 2021 Travel season TBD 

COVID-19 Related Fee: 
 Prior to the start of the season, there will be an additional fee payable to MLBTB SC to cover additional resources needed to comply with COVID related expenses.  This fee will be due prior to players receiving their player pass. 

New/Returning Coaches
 -  ***We are always looking for volunteer coaches. Please email if you have any questions*** Please sign up if you would like to coach again this year when you register your child. 

·         State Certificate: All Travel Coaches must complete and obtain the State Certificate (Formerly the NJYS F Certificate) through the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (NJYSA).  Please click on this link for more information and class availability

·         Background Check (Annual): During player the player registration process, coaches are able to select a volunteer opportunity available to them.  During this step, coaches will be asked to input information and select the option for NJ Youth Soccer to initiate a background check

·         Abuse Prevention Training: First time parent volunteers will need to complete a background check, On-Line Abuse Training Course through SafeSports (90 mins) and Concussion Training. Returning parent volunteers will only need to complete a background check and On-Line Abuse Training refresher course (approx. 30 mins) as the concussion training certificate is a one-time event.  

·         Concussion/Heads-Up Training: This is an on-line course offered by the CDC - Heads Up to Youth Sports.  Once coaches have received a certificate of completion there should be no renewals needed.


Travel Tryout Information

Tryout Registration: All players interested in trying out for a travel must register PRIOR to attending the tryout.  Walk-up registrations will not be accepted.  Please log into your account to register.

Players are to register with their correct age group only. Players are to attend their correct birth year/age group for tryouts.  If a player would like to 'play-up' (in the next age group), you must indicate that when completing the registration and the player must attend both age group tryouts.  For example, if your player was born in 2012 and would like to tryout for the 2011 team, he/she must attend both the 2012 AND 2011 tryout.

Attire: All players must wear shin guards and cleats to the tryouts.  No jewelry (with the exception of medical id bracelets/necklaces) of any kind is allowed.  Please make sure players remove all jewelry prior to attending the tryouts.  MLBTB SC and trainers are not responsible for lost or misplaced items of any kind.

Venue: Tryouts are conducted by our training partner, Soccer Alliance and will be held at RVA Fieldds in Boonton Township @ 353 Powerville Rd.
Parents may watch tryouts from the designated spectator area only and are not permitted to be on the field or sidelines.  Only players, trainers and MLBTB SC travel committee members are permitted to be on the soccer fields during tryouts. 

The Try-outs will be held in April/May. (Date and times will be posted on our website). All evaluations will be conducted by an outside professional soccer training organization. The tryouts will consist of skill assessments and scrimmages according to age groups and gender.

Tryout/Team Notification/Team Formation: Tryouts are a critical aspect of team formation and therefore mandatory for all interested players.  In addition to tryout results, team formation will rely on input from prior season's professional trainer evaluations and coach.  Players new to travel soccer will be evaluated solely by tryout results.  Notification of selection will be made at the conclusion of the Spring Season, near the end of June. Once a player is notified, it is expected that your child will join the team. This acceptance will indicate participants’ and parents’ willingness to fulfill the commitments required.

Parents should understand that a large number of children may tryout for a limited number of roster spots. This may result in some children not being selected for a team. The roster size is set by the state so we do not have the option to exceed a certain number of players per team. Also, the traveling soccer program may not be appropriate for every child. Please be mindful of these facts before the try-out process. Remember, the MLBTBSC recreation program is a wonderful alternative that will continue to build your child’s skills.

Out of Town Players – While our preference is to have our travel teams be 100% Mountain Lakes, Boonton and Boonton Twp players, the reality is that we might not be able to field teams in certain age groups. As a contingency our by laws allow for up to 4 out of town players on travel teams.

COVID Safety Guidelines

                                                                            COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Will COVID-19 screening be conducted?
An electronic health questionnaire will be sent to parents prior to each session relating to COVID-19 precautions.  A temperature check and a health questionnaire will be conducted with each participant prior to his/her admittance.

What happens if a player has a high temperature?
Those with temperature readings 100.4 degrees or higher will not be permitted to participate in the session.  That individual should return to their home and consult with a physician.

Will parents be permitted to watch tryouts?

Parents are asked to maintain social distancing and wear face masks when dropping off and picking up their children.  Observe CDC's minimum recommended social distancing of 6 feet from other individuals at all times.  If this is not possible, RVA park users should find an alternate location or depart that space.

Will there be social distancing throughout tryouts?

Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be practiced at all times.  There will be no high fives, hugs, handshakes or other forms of social physical contact.  Each player will store his or her personal belongings and water bottles at a designated location and there will be no sharing of water bottles or personal equipment.  Players must bring their own soccer ball.

Will there be physical distancing throughout MLBTB SC?
Physical distancing between players will not be practiced as per NJ Youth Soccer's July 8 Phase 4 Return to Play for medium risk sports such as soccer

Can I participate if I traveled interstate in last 14 days?

Those who have visited one of the state identified within the restricted travel advisory list of the State of New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub should quarantine for 14 days after leaving that state and will not be permitted to participate in tryouts during that time period.

New Jersey welcomes travel to and from our state.  However, to save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the State has issued an incoming travel advisory that all individuals entering New Jersey form states with a significant spread of COVID-19 should quarantine for 14-days after leaving that state.

Please click here to for a list of which states are on the travel advisory list and travel restrictions to or from New Jersey

Will there be a refund if COVID-19 prevents events during the season?
Refunds will be made based on our 2020-2021 COVID -19 refund policy.  For more information please click here.

Will there be sanitized toilets?
Public restrooms are not open but RVA fields has portable restrooms (please bring personal sanitary supplies for yourself).

(updated as of August 26, 2020)


Player Responsibilities 

  • Take a temperature reading at home - Stay home if the reading is 100.4 degrees or higher or if you are feeling ill
  • Arrive at the facility
  • Wear a face mask as you approach the field entrance 
  • Get your temperature checked - You will only be permitted to enter and participate if your temperature reading is less than 100.4 degrees
  • Personal equipment will be stored at a separate and marked location for each participant  
  • No sharing of water bottles or personal equipment such as articles of clothing, footwear, shin guards, or goalkeeper gloves 
  • No spitting
  • No high fives, hugs, handshakes, or other forms of physical social contact
  • Clean up your area and do not leave behind water bottles or other personal items
  • Leave promptly and wear a face mask as you depart the facility


Parent Responsibilities

  • Take a temperature reading of your child at home prior to coming to the try-out session - Stay home with your child if his or her temperature reading is 100.4 degrees or higher 
  • Ensure that your child brings a face mask to be worn from the car to the field prior to the session and from the field to the car after the session
  • Ensure that your child brings plenty of water bottled for his or her exclusive use
  • Wear a face mask if you need to exit your vehicle
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing at all times
  • Don’t leave the facility during the session - You presence is imperative in cases of emergency or other unplanned circumstances
  • Depart promptly with your child after the session 
  • E-mail any questions to [email protected]

(as of August 26th)

Field Status

Open Open

RVA (11:07 AM | 04/14/21)

Open Open

Field #1 - 9 v 9 (11:07 AM | 04/14/21)

Open Open

Field #3 - 7 v 7 (11:07 AM | 04/14/21)

Open Open

Field #4- 7 v 7 (11:07 AM | 04/14/21)

Open Open

Field #5 - 4 v 4 (11:07 AM | 04/14/21)

Open Open

Field #6 - 4 v 4 (11:07 AM | 04/14/21)

Open Open

Field #9 - 11 v 11 (11:07 AM | 04/14/21)