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MLBTB - Soccer Club

Rules and Regulations


The objective of the Mountain - Boonton Township - Boonton Soccer Club (MLBTB) is to develop, promote, and govern the game of soccer within the Towns of Mountain Lakes, Boonton Township and Boonton, New Jersey. In accomplishing this objective, all MLBTB officials, coaches, players and parents should be guided by the principle of “let the kids have fun”, and shall place the development of the game and players above all other considerations consistent with prudent financial, legal, and constitutional constraints.


A. Regulations

MLBTB is affiliated with the New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association (NJSYSA), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and in the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). It follows MLBTB Regulations; FIFA Soccer Laws; USSF/New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association

B. Game Laws

The following game laws shall apply as appropriate to intramural games:

Division 3, 4, and 5 a. FIFA Laws b. MLBTB Regulations

Division 6 a. FIFA Laws b. MLBTB Regulations c. No offside calls

Division 7 a. MLBTB Regulations b. Unlimited substitutions not interfering with play c. No offside calls d. One coach per team allowed on the field during play for instructional purposes


A. Age Groupings

For the fall season, divisional age groupings are defined below:

Division 3: Ages 12 to 15,

Division 4: Ages 10 to 12

Division 5: Ages 08 to 10

Division 6: Ages 06 to 08

Division 7: Ages 04 to 06  (must be 4 by January 1st of the current year)

MLBTB's recreation program establishes teams based on the player's school grade.  Due to enrollment and number of participants, players in Division 3 and 4 can take advantage of our partnership with the Parsippany Soccer Club (PSC) in their Intramural Soccer League. MLBTB players register directly with PSC and will be placed on and play on a Parsippany team.

B. Eligibility

All efforts will be made for any child who wants to play soccer, and who registers within the required time, who is not disqualified for reasons of health, age, or club discipline, shall be given the opportunity to play in the recreation program.  There are no refunds once the season has started.  Requests for refunds must be made prior to the start of the season.