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2020 Recreation - Session Schedules


Length of Season:

Session #1: Saturday, September 19
Session #2: Saturday, September 26
Session #3: Saturday, October 3
No Session: Saturday, October 10
Session #4: Saturday, October 17
Session #5: Saturday, October 24
Session #6: Saturday, October 31




We are requesting the support of all parents, players, coaches and trainers to make this a successful Fall season.


All players must complete the online COVID-19 questionnaire before attending every MLBTB SC event and prior to coming to RVA fields.  Parents must present a GREEN GO SCREEN to their trainer before entering the practice field.  Players who do not present a GO SCREEN or have a RED STOP SCREEN will not be permitted to participate.  Please note that this is a MLBTB SC club rule and will be in place for the foreseeable future.


We expect that all questions are completed truthfully.


Please bookmark this link:


If mobile phone screen is not an option, players may also present a paper print out of the GO SCREEN to their trainer upon arrival. 


Please also visit our COVID-19 SCREENING GUIDELINES on our website for more information.


All players must bring the following to their session


Soccer Ball: Players in group H & L will need a size 4 ball, all other groups will need a size #3 ball

Water Bottle: sharing of water bottles is not permitted.  Trainers will not have extra water on hand

Shin Guards and Cleats (sneakers are acceptable): Shin guards must be worn under the socks

Hand Sanitizer

No Jewelry, including earrings, is not permitted

Masks: When players are not on the field, masks should be worn when social distancing is not possible
Dark Color Shirt (black or blue) Please bring a dark colored shirt for scrimmages



All players and parents must wear a mask to and from the fields.  Players must check in with their trainer at their designated drop off zone, show the GO SCREEN and then may proceed to the field.


We understand that things come up, however, the sessions are one hour long, it is required that all players make an effort to arrive 10 minutes prior to their session start time to ensure a smooth and timely check-in process. 


Late arrivals will need to be escorted to their field by their parent, which, in turn, will cause the session to be stopped and thus shortening the session time for others.  Please make every effort to ensure an early arrival.


  • One parent must remain with the player for the duration of the session, this is not a ‘drop-off’ program
  • All parents must  maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet and follow social distancing guidelines when on the field – please refer to the field map
  • Parents must maintain at least 6 feet off the field/sideline
  • If a player does not want to participate in any portion of a session, the player must leave the field and will not be permitted to return to the session
  • Parents will be required to follow NJ DOH, CDC and NJ Youth Soccer COVID-19 guidelines prior to attending any session. 

COVID-19 Refund Policy: Please click here to review refunds specific to cancellations due to COVID-19


Recreation Field Map and Check-In Zone

Field Status

Open Open

RVA (04:13 PM | 06/23/20)

Open Open

Field #1 - 9 v 9 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #2 - 9 v 9 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #3 - 7 v 7 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #4- 7 v 7 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #5 - 4 v 4 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #6 - 4 v 4 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #7 - 4 v 4 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #8 - 7 v 7 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)

Open Open

Field #9 - 11 v 11 (06:07 PM | 08/29/20)